Remember Me: Full Review

TL;DR: While gameplay missteps in some crucial areas, the story, world building, and mind-bending concept more than make up for it.

Remember Me is one of those rare sort of games that divides gamers into two camps: The twitchy adrenaline junkies that are in it for the 'splosions, and the hipsters that see video games as a version of interactive storytelling.  The first sort of gamer will be disappointed by this title.  It's not a bad game, but take away the phenominal trappings, the interesting story, and the painstaking level of care put into even tiny pieces of trash on the road or graffiti seen once in passing, and you're left with a mediocre action adventure game.  Add all of it back in, and you've got an incredibly thought provoking voice calling out in a sea of mindless explosions and boobs.  (Forgive the melodrama in this review...playing a French game set in Paris will do that to me.)

There is still some sex appeal.  One of her powers is the ability to fit into those jeans and still move.

StarDrive: Full Review

If this vista doesn't make you excited for the game, you don't deserve the game.

TL;DR: My boss gave me StarDrive to review a month ago.  I would have reviewed it sooner, but I was too busy playing StarDrive to have the time.  

StarDrive is the latest and greatest in the 4X genre.  (For those of you unfamiliar with archaic, seldom used gamer terminology, that's Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate.  N00B.)  It's available on Steam for $29.99, and unless you are so enthralled by my steller wordplay that you can't bear to look away, you should buy it now so it can download while you're reading.  I'll wait.

Zeno Clash 2 Full Review

TL;DR: The most fun you can have on drugs without popping positive on a pee test.

Zeno Clash was one of the most gloriously deranged games I have ever played.  In it, you play Ghat, a barbaric fist fighter on the run from his family of assorted mutants, anthropomorphic creatures, and other stone age savages.  They took exception to you killing Father Mother, a giant, one eyed, hermaphroditic bird-man creature that supposedly gave birth to you all.  In the end, after much punching of things, *SPOILERS*, it's revealed that he was just a male one eyed bird-man creature that kidnapped you all as babies.  He's thrown into a newly built jail with the help of the golem, a large man with no mouth that promised to help you and has been watching everyone for years.

No, you didn't hallucinate that paragraph.  Just let this happen.

Gaming w/ kids Intro

I have a problem: I tend to make things harder for myself than they need to be. Need an example? Well, there was that time I decided to hand wash my family's clothes for a year. Once I am in the middle of one of these self inflicted punishments, I get really stubborn about changing. Right now we have one functioning PC in the house and it's plugged into the TV. It's our Steam box and we use game controllers pretty much exclusively. For typing and mouse work, we've been using a cheap, wireless keyboard. This is not an ideal situation for an aspiring blogger. Well, this week I plugged a real keyboard into that sucker. It's been months since I last used a reliable keyboard. I forgot what it was like to type on something decent. Why do I do these things?

Defiance Review

TL;DR: Meh.

Even the characters seem unimpressed.
Defiance should be lauded for its ambition, if not for its execution.  A massive multiplayer online third person shooter role playing game that impacts a TV show that impacts the game and is playable on PC, X-Box 360, and PS3 (IE the only three systems that matter)?!?  Just writing that sentence took a pretty major toll, so I can't even imagine trying to design and code that kind of monstrosity.  Trion's managed to achieve their goals in that they've managed to create a subpar third person shooter with roleplaying elements that lots of people play at once, but a lack of balance, pizzazz, or sense of community keeps it from becoming anything to get excited about.

Bioshock Infinite: Full Review

TL;DR: If you loved the original Bioshock, you'll love Bioshock Infinite.  If you didn't love the original Bioshock, you're a bad person, and you should feel bad.

I'm going to write this review assuming you've already played the original Bioshock, or failing that, it's cash-in sequel Bioshock 2.  If you haven't, you are really missing out.  The original Bioshock was a moody, atmospheric shooter, with great controls and a story that kept you guessing.  It has the distinction of being on Time Magazine's Top 100 Games of All Time, and more importantly, is one of the few games that has ever managed to seriously surprise me.  Infinite might not be quite as groundbreaking, but it makes enough tweaks to the gameplay to keep it feeling fresh, and the story is just as strong as the original.

Neither Big Daddies nor Little Sisters are in this game, but they miss you very much.

Starbound - Roadmap to the Stars

Developer Chucklefish Games has been giving us bits and pieces of their current project, Starbound, fairly regularly over the past year. Today, however, they dropped a bomb.

Tiy, the lead developer, has launched a roadmap to completion for the game and it is, to put it simply, fantastic. It's a neat little overworld map that details many legs of the indie game development table. It is very interactive and gives you a good idea of what the art style is going to be like.

Sang Froid: Tales of Werewolves Full Review

TL;DR:  Sang Froid: Tales of Werewolves delivers wolf-men in spades, but some critical missteps keep this delightfully awful tower defense game from being worth the sticker price.

Tomb Raider Update, Vacation

I am still enjoying Tomb Raider. According my save slot data, I'm a little over 50% through the game. So far, that has meant about 14 hours, stolen in panicked chunks from the fringes of bed time. My last session ended when my 4-year-old said, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, "she got blood on herself, Daddy. She needs new clothes." That really hammers home why I won't be winning any parenting awards this year, doesn't it? Indeed, we've only narrowly avoided me having to explain why Lara just popped open a man's head with a climbing axe. We've also had to deal with my failed attempt at passing off a river of blood as a regular river that just happened to be the exact color of blood. Four-year-olds are smarter than one may think.

Trolls Imitating Goblins - Why AH PvP?

Trolls Imitating Goblins is going to be a semi-regular series of blog entries detailing my personal experiences making money in World of Warcraft. The results of my efforts are mostly anecdotal, but I will attempt to provide resources, apart from my stories, that might help you to craft your own niche in your realm economy.

Hero-dad Mike Mika Hacks Donkey Kong

I saw a post on Reddit this weekend about a dad who hacked Donkey Kong, enabling his 3-year-old daughter to play as Pauline instead of Mario.

NPR ran a story on All Things Considered today. I was sobbing away in the car as I listened.

Here's a video of the finished product:

I hope Nintendo pays attention and implements his code in a future Virtual Console release of Donkey Kong.

I Forgot All About Amnesia Fortnight

I'm an impatient man, so when Steam informed me I would have to wait for a few hundred megabytes to download before I could continue playing Tomb Raider, I decided to be "productive."

If you're anything like me, your Steam library is a graveyard of unplayed titles. I had recently grouped a couple dozen of them, putting most of the virgin games in a neat little category for later consumption. I also set aside all of the Double Fine prototypes from last year's Amnesia Fortnight in their very own vault. Well, today I cracked that vault wide open and I feasted on unripe games!

I didn't necessarily give each game a thorough chew, but something about Black Lake resonated with me, and I played it all the way to the credits.

Shadowrun Returns - First Alpha Footage

The first look at the new kickstarter-funded Shadowrun Returns has been released and it looks fantastic so far! As a lifelong fan of the series (campaign setting, books, games etc.), I am thrilled about it. Check it out!

Chiptunes + Arcade Twitch Response = Awesome Android Gaming

I've been slowly working may way through each of the new Humble Bundle Android 5 games and no matter how hard I try, I keep coming back to Hexagon. This game was so unassuming when I first spotted it. Slowly but surely, though, it grew on me like a fungus.

"Yay, another retro game with retro music and retro control shoved down my throat," you bemoan. Fear not! While it is those things, these guys have the recipe perfected. I feel like I'm playing a mix of Asteroids, an endless runner game and a PS1-era rhythm game all at once while being inundated with psychedelic, seizure-inducing, flashy visuals alongside one hell of a chiptune soundtrack. More after the jump.


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