Trolls Imitating Goblins - Why AH PvP?

Trolls Imitating Goblins is going to be a semi-regular series of blog entries detailing my personal experiences making money in World of Warcraft. The results of my efforts are mostly anecdotal, but I will attempt to provide resources, apart from my stories, that might help you to craft your own niche in your realm economy.

Making money was never really a focus for me in WoW. I understood I needed money; for repairs, flight training, convenience gold-sinks, whatever. I knew to pick up junk grays and vendor them. I knew not to buy gear from the AH unless I was level capped and it was a significant improvement. I never had many issues affording what I wanted to, but I was by no means wealthy. No mechano-hog for me.

That all changed when I came back to WoW after a couple years hiatus. In those years, I had finished college, got a real job (yay, no more retail), and had a daughter. I knew coming back would be difficult. My life would no longer be able to accommodate the part-time job that WoW can often be. But I also found solace in knowing that WoW had slowly become a bit more casual friendly.

Before I took my hiatus, I had earned what seemed to be a small fortune through inscription. I didn't use any big name addons or anything. I was just trying to catch the rush of glyph demand with the launch of Cataclysm. And I did well. When I reactivated, I realized I still had that 12,000 gold, still sitting there. Waiting for me to (ab)use it.


This all led to me wondering how easy it would be to make 100,000 gold and how quickly I could do it. I figured selling items on the AH could be time consuming but it wasn't really attention consuming. It was something I could do in between things; filling small gaps in my schedule with tending to the AH.

Stock up!

I did some research and learned everything I could about the TradeSkillMaster (TSM) addon. I researched what the glyph market looked like on my realm. Studied the times my would-be competition was online through The Undermine Journal. Then I took the dive. I invested about 4k into materials and went to town. I also started catching up with my inscription research to expand what glyphs I could make.

Tools of the trade.

Slowly but surely, I was making a dent in the server glyph market. Within about three weeks, I had reached my goal of 100k. And now, almost two months from when I started, I'm sitting at about 360k. I'm considering going after gold cap at this point. I also have my Sandstone Drake and a few other high ticket items I've always wanted. I've also been able to provide glyphs to my guild for free and make substantial donations to my guild bank. But it does take a good deal of work and, even more, using your tools efficiently.

As I am typing this entry, I am listing auctions. Remotely. From my office. Only on my breaks, of course...

Later, I will be at home. Cancelling auctions from my tablet. Perhaps from the bathroom...

Splashtop THD

And tonight, I will be milling herbs, semi-unattended, while watching Star Trek.

Riker does his best to deflect Betazoid advances.
None of these things require a vast amount of attention. Auction House PvP is more about how often you are available and less about how much time you actually spend doing tasks. It tends to accommodate my adult schedule a lot more than raiding would. While I do love raiding, and hope to get back into it soon, this is a nice distraction and I enjoy seeing that gold go up. Because at the end of the day, every aspect of this game is about trying to get your arbitrary numbers higher. Honor kills, iLvl, XP, Hit caps. I just so happen to like seeing gold go up.

Perhaps, I will try to grind out those two last levels soon. If for nothing else but to get my guildies off my back about being forever level 88.

Until next time, Goblineers!